Joseph Jaffe : Join The ConversationHow to Engage Your Customers in Your Marketing Conversations

The Book

Joseph Jaffe, Join the Conversation: How to Engage Marketing-Weary Customers with the Power of Community, Dialogue and Partnership

Speed RAP

Marketing communications has evolved. One way messages like advertising and PR are morphing into two-way conversations. It’s time to stop talking at your customers’ and start talking with them. Conversational Marketing is here.

BIG Idea

Traditional Marketing builds organizational silos with Marketing here, Management over there, Customer Service over there… Conversational Marketing dismantles the vertical channels. It provides a horizontal path to unite your organization internally and your customer interactions externally.

Your Challenge

Listen, respond, join, catalyze and start conversations. You know how to do it with your friends. Now, it’s time to do it with your customers throughout your organization.

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