Smart Growth : How to Multiply Your Customers

How to Multiply Your Customers

The Books

Adam L Penenberg, Viral Loop

Andy Sernovitz, Word of Mouth Marketing

Speed RAP

The key to multiplying your customers is to enable them to spread your word further, faster and freely. You can create the product and then generate the buzz. However, you’re likely to get better results by designing the means to spreading your virus into your product design, your business process and your business model. Add the internet and digital technology and you have a perfect platform for creating exponential growth through viral loops and networks.

The Big Idea

The way to Smart Growth and multiplying your customers is to design your marketing message, products, processes and systems to spread the word for you. Change your mind and operations from centralized promotion to decentralized marketing.

Your Challenge

Decentralize your marketing approach, design a pass-it-on strategy and let it loose… I bet you can’t double your customer base inside six months! Prove me wrong…

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