You can benefit from Book Rapper in two distinct ways:

Book Rapper Offers


Trial : Your Starter Package

Taste Book Rapper in our free program. You’ll receive:

  1. A six issue trial. You’ll receive one issue a week for six weeks.
  2. A miniRAP each month. A miniRAP is a stripped down version of the full edition.


Personal : Your Personal Avid Learner Program

Enhance your leadership through learning about world’s best practice and world’s ‘next’ practice – what’s coming soon to disrupt your industry, organisation and business. As a learner you’ll receive:

  1. All 36+ previous issues from our membership site.
  2. Ten new issues (monthly) as something to read, to listen to and to watch.
  3. Invitations to our exclusive webinars. Ask your questions, get your answers.
  4. Vote on the choice of upcoming issues.
  5. A range of bonus offers too.

That’s 45+ issues for only $197.

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Branded : Your Leadership Program

Our Leadership Program is designed to enhance the learning of the people around you. Position yourself as a leader in your organisation by sharing Book Rapper to all your internal staff AND your external customers. Or for entrepreneurs, share the content to enhance the value of your membership sites or mailing lists. It’s high-quality, off-the-shelf content for on-the-job learning. Establish your reputation as the source of world’s best practice and boost your career and business profits. As a leader you’ll receive:

  • A distribution licence to send Book Rapper to your clients or throughout your organization. You can email it to everyone you know, post it for distribution on your website or print it and distribute at your next event.
  • Ten branded issues with your cover page and logo on each page of the written RAPs. Plus branded recordings.
  • Plus all the benefits of a learner – access to all back issues, a chance to vote on our next issue, affiliate sales, invitations to webinars and bonus issues.

Ten branded issues for only $1800 – that’s an instant Ten month Leadership program!

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Custom : Your Organisational Leadership Program

We can also provide a custom designed leadership program. This might include:

  • Your choice of Books to RAP. Which books are essential to your vision of world’s best leadership practice?
  • And, what about other sources of information? Are there articles, interviews and videos that you’d add to your ideal leadership program? We can link this to publishing content for your blog or weekly newsletter.
  • Your choice of webinars or face-to-face presentations. We can deliver for you or coach you to present the key ideas and inspire action in your team, colleagues and clients.
  • Plus, you get to choose the length of your leadership program. Is it a quick-hit big-result induction program? A concentrated focus over a moderate time frame? Or an ongoing source of challenging new ideas and inspiring new actions?

What would your ideal leadership program look like? We can help you design, build and deliver it.

To discuss these options, email Geoff –