Why Mobile Computing is the Key to Your Future

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Michael Saylor, The Mobile Wave

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The Big Idea

Mobile Computing is the tipping point of the Information Revolution. The rise of mainframe, mini, desktop and netbook computers were merely the warm-up act for the main game. And, if you thought things had changed a little recently… get ready for disruption and opportunity.

Speed RAP

We’re currently living in the third great human revolution: the Information Age. And, it’s about to tip. Mobile Computing in the guise of your smartphone and tablet are changing all the rules. Paper, entertainment, money, meeting people, medicine, education and the world around us are all about to flip. Forget the web. The new centre of the universe is where ever you are.

Your Challenge

This is a big heads-up! This is your chance to be on the front of the next wave of human innovation, revolution and wealth! Jump on the mobile wave now. Rethink who you are and how you work to ride it to future prosperity. Don’t say you weren’t told!



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