Seth Godin - Meatball SundaeMarketing Now-How: How to thrive in the digital marketing era

The Book

Seth Godin, Meatball Sundae, How New Marketing is Transforming the Business World (And How to Thrive In It), Piatkus Books, London 2008.

Speed RAP

The rules of Marketing have changed. Old Marketing was about selling average products to average people by interupting them with advertising. New Marketing requires a product worth talking about and tools to attract interested people to your offer.

BIG Idea

Seth Godin points to something big! Every single business model is under question. New organisations designed to take advantage of the new rules will overtake those trying to add them to their existing operations (adding sweet toppings to your meatballs). If that sounds like your business, look out!

Your Challenge

Your challenge is to get creative. Rethink your Business Model and Business Plan; rewrite your Marketing Plan. Use the Book Rapper Marketing Map to combine several of Seth’s trends into your new marketing how. Now.

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