Chris Anderson : The Long TailThe Book

Chris Anderson
The Long Tail: How Endless Choice is Creating Unlimited Demand
Random House, London, 2006.

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Speed RAP

Thanks to the Internet we’re moving from an ‘OR’ to an ‘AND’ era; a culture of Compact Head and Long Tail, institutions and individuals, professionals and amateurs, mass market and niches. Mass culture won’t fall; it will simply get less mass. Niche culture will be less obscure; it will flourish.

BIG Idea

It’s time to re-invent your business and this RAP shows you how with Anderson’s Three Forces driving The Long Tail:

  1. The Democratization of Production
  2. The Democratization of Distribution and
  3. Connecting your Products to your Customers through Amplified Word of Mouth.

Your Challenge

How can you make money from niches? Start by immersion in this RAP (Review + Action Plans). Then select one of the six Big Ideas as your immediate focus. Apply this thinking to your business then move onto the next one.



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