The Secret to Creating Long-Term Value

Design Advantage: The Secret to Creating Long-Term ValueThe Book

Roger Martin, The Design of Business

Speed RAP

The key to value creation in any organization lies in the development of knowledge. Unlocking problems, issues and mysteries with new rules of thumb has the potential to overtake existing industries. Translating this thinking into business systems, software and step-by-step procedures can drive efficiency and slash costs.

The Big Idea

Design Thinking is the new competitive advantage. It’s the balance between the drive for short-term efficiency through analysis and the exploration of new opportunities through creative and intuition based innovations. To fail to employ both modes of thinking and doing puts your organization at long-term risk.

Your Challenge

Be efficient and explore simultaneously. Immerse yourself in design. Explore it, experience it and exercise with it. Enhance your skills, influence others and add Design Thinking to your life and the culture of your organization.

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