Social Media’s Killer Application

The Book

Jeff Howe, Crowdsourcing

Crowd Creation

Speed RAP

Mass production is now in the hands of the masses. And, it’s got nothing to do with standardized, low-quality, generic products. Instead, Crowdsourcing is the smoking gun. It’s the Weapon of Mass Construction for those wired to the web and online communities. It’s collaboration at a global scale. Finally, we might just make this world work!

The Big Idea

The killer application of social media is crowdsourcing. User-generated content allows the user to create a crowd – connect with me, link with me, be my friend. And, with a crowd you can create almost anything. You can even change the world… of media, communities and government.

Your Challenge

Create, connect and collaborate. Your new mission is to inspire a crowd and get them thinking and working together. What are you going to create?

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Your thoughts...