Stop helping your customers!

Stop helping and start leading.
Turn one-off purchases into customers for life.

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Leaders go beyond the job at hand.
Offer direction, show clarity and inspire your clients.

  • Stop selling ALL the time!

    If you’re always selling most people stop listening. Start educating, updating and informing instead.

  • Be a person they trust.

    If you’re helping me without trying to sell to me, I’m more likely to listen and trust what you say.

  • Become the 'Go-To' person.

    When I trust you, I’ll turn to you for advice and assistance. And, naturally the sales will follow.

Create your own Client Leadership Program

  • Generate Leads

    Give away a Book Rapper issue as a ready-made lead magnet on your website.

  • Email Marketing

    Have your marketing message opened every month with high quality content ready to send.

  • Instant Value

    Add extra value to your membership site for a super modest cost.

To create your own Client Leadership Program would be a mistake.

  • Expensive

  • Time-Consuming

  • Distracting

Book Rapper provides a proven short-cut
with branded content you can share today.

  • Your Cover Page

    An entire page for you to put your business message onto.

  • Your Website

    A link to your website on ever page.

  • Your Logo

    Your logo on every page too.

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